Interview with Sam3

- When did you begin Street Art?


S: In 1993 I started with graffiti, everything that came after that was evolution.


- What have you been doing before become Street Artist?


S: Draw. Travel. Read... In my adolescence I played the bass guitar in a punkrock band, then I created a t-shirt brand named Trestriges with a friend.

- What influenced you to be an artist? What are your art roots?


S: Our society desperately needs new ways to face the dark and difficult near future. Art is the best way to reveal the hidden realities on the todayfs way of life. I have always been fascinated by the ideas of symbols, something that contains more than one meaning and that says more than only one thing. All my work is filled with this sort of dualism, like a search mirror, where I try to reach a public that is not specialised.


- What grabs you, and how is that expressed in your work?


S: I am fascinated with art being in the street, you do not have to look for it in a studio, nor in an art gallery, it is in everywhere, in rusty doors, flaking walls, abandoned buildings, magic corners, etc... It is hard for me to paint a white canvas, it's all white and I must recreate the whole scenario, when I am painting in the street I only need to paint the finishing touches, to position characters in our scene.

- I was so surprised when I saw HUGE black paints on walls, those works are fantastic! How do you paint on the wall? And What kind of materials do you use for painting?


S: Black water paint, rollers, extension poles, scaffoldings, cranes, paint brush es and black spray.


- Which artist are you most influenced by?


S: If you look carefully at my work you can come to your own conclusions, but the evolution of my work is closely linked with public space, I am inspired by all street artists, the better of them inspire me more, although my best ideas come when I am sleeping.


- What are you interested in or what is your favorite thing except Street Art?


S: The same things everybody enjoys, eating, sleeping, drinking...


- Do you think you will still be Street Artist after 10 years?


S: Nobody can know what is going to happen in the next decade, I hope to continue working in public space and evolve at the same speed as our society.


- What are your career plans, any future goals?


S: I would like to work in other continents because the culture outside Europe is very different, there is a lot to contrast which the public can appreciate and react to. I am always open to interesting projects offers around the world.


- Message for reader pleasec


S: Thanks! Sayonara baby.

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