Interview with Kitsune

All the Membersf names: Masaya Kuroki is an architect and Gildas Loaec, who has worked with Daftpunk for the last 10 years have put all our skills into art direction to run our own company.


Our london graphic team partners Patrick Lacey, Benjamin Reichen, Kajsa Stahl and Maki Suzuki are four graphic designers educated in Brighton University, Ecole Nationale Superieure des Arts Decoratifs in Paris, HDK in Gothenburg, and the Royal College of Art in London.

Tthe partnership had started through a common signature. Altogether, they total a quarter of a century of graphic design education but are happy to consider themselves slow learners. Since graduation in the pretty summer of 2000 the group has been working in London, using a french e-mail address and trading under an obsolete swedish name in the pursuit of local democracy. They all teach at St. Martins and the RCA respectively.


- When did you start this label?


K: A bit more than 5 years now.

- Please tell us more exactly about Kitsunefs activity.


Regarding our music label, we want to stay one of the most interesting labels around so we are always carefully working on our next releases, always trying to suprise our followers, not having a unique style, being more eclectic and release any kind of music we like. Our compilations are a bit like a laboratory... searching for the best pop formula... we've got one great album coming soon after Digitalism from the band Cazals.


- Where do you distribute your clothing?


K: Mainly in Japan, so far places like Loveless, United Arrows, Isetan etc. But also in London at Dover Street Market, Colette in Paris etc. More on our website.



- Who is your favourite designer or who are you influenced by the most?


K: One of the reasons we started Kitsune with Gildas & Masaya was to be able to make record sleeves and products which have some kind of narrative behind them. The stories are the starting point to make things, and itfs not always apparent in the finished thing, which can be interpreted as self indulgence. For example the faces on the Maison series. (A project we started 5 years ago, to draw the faces of people Involved with the label), has grown from a dozen or so to almost six hundred people on the latest album, and has become our collective visual memory: people come and go, but once you are on the sleeve you never leave, you just become smaller. We have recently enjoyed drawing more babies.

- What grabs you, and how is that expressed in your work?


K: Everyone likes music donft they? We are talking to a band at the moment called autoKratz about working with them on their next cover. We are all excited about the idea of a double act who are autocratic(s).


- What do you guys do in your free time?


Gildas: Ifm spending time searching for new acts, being curious etc.

Also, this weekend we hope to build a greenhouse for some friends allotment. Based on Buckminster Fullerfs utopian designs which will become a record sleeve (fingers crossed).





- What are your career plans, any future goals?


K: We just to do what what we like to do.


- Message for reader pleasec


K: Have a look around sometimes on Cazals album project on kitsune, it's a great album.


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Written by Mai Matsuoka





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